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DOT Space Hero is a challenging side-scrolling shooter where you take control of DOT, a space kid whom haves to face hordes of enemies using his weapons, jetpack and power ups through different worlds of the galaxy in order to recover his beloved stardust. Reach the end of each world and face giant bosses to continue your adventure and become a truly Space Hero!


Latest News

DOT Space Hero is ALIVE!

It seems that DOT Space Hero is getting some recognition these days. The game has been reviewed by Touch Arcade and it has helped a lot to make some noise on the web.

We want to thank you all the people helping in our DOT's crusade! We still have a lot of work to do but that things make it more enjoyable.

Reviews (iOS)

Touch Arcade: A Stunning Tribute to the 16-Bit SHMUP (4.5 Stars)
Karl Burnett
  "1 Coin Studio wanted to make a game that captured the essence of the 16-bit shooter and rewarded the player for skill, rather than offering up content in the form of IAP. In a world of ever increasing pay walls, to me this is a welcome business model and I hope it pays off for this team, as I really want to see what other digital miracles they have up their sleeves."

Pocket Gamer
Chris Priestman
  "You might just find it to be a pleasant and challenging take on classic 16-bit shooters. "

Fun2Tap (5 Stars)
Eva María
  "Some of the gameplay feels reminiscent of popular side-scrollers like the original Mario... If you’re a fan of side-scrolling platformers, then this game has virtually everything you’re looking for."

Indie Statik
Chris Priestman
  "DOT Space Hero is a charming iOS 2D shooter that costs less than a dollar and that seems very worthy of you departing with one green slip of paper."

retroManiac (Spanish)
  "An inspiring iOS shooter that will surprise you."

HobbyConsolas (Spanish)
David Alonso Hernández
  "A special tribute to the classic shoot em up 2D in which the action won't gives the player a moment's respite.."

VideoShock (Spanish)
Ramón Nafria Nagore
  "A very comfortable shoot em up for your iOS device."

Indieorama (Spanish)
Johnny Darko
  "A character who looks like a cupcake (cupcakes my balls!) give us wonderful happiness moments in this SHMUP for iOS."

  "Throughout the game you’ll encounter a wide array of enemies including aliens, plantlife, robots, and insects. These enemies are as unique as the worlds themselves."

Wraithkhal's Indie Gaming Corner
Peter Christiansen
  "Personally, I’d rather just find something else to eat, but DOT isn’t willing to give up so easily..."

Videojuegos y Consolas (Spanish)
Bernardo Hernández
  "Graphically it is a indie game so the design and the environments are really original.."

La Gran N (Spanish)
La Gran N
  El juego es redondo. Una demostración que te hace ver que con un poquito de historia; unos gráficos cuidados y una música agradable de escuchar pueden hacer que estés durante un par de horas enganchado a la pantalla del móvil en un mano a mano con mi hijo por ver quien se pasa la fase, consigue más estrellas o hace más puntos.

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