1Coin is an indie game developer team formed by Carlos Díaz and Isaac Moreno. We've joined forces to create games as we would like them to be . We want to make games that offer a great challenge and an artistic innovation.

It all started over a bit more than a year when we get in touch thanks to a powerfull space tool called internet. We met in person knowing the great passion that we share and we quickly started to develop a game. We live in different parts of the country so we had to go traveling from one place to another to make DOT Space Hero, which has influenced in some way in the creation of the game, bringing certain feelings and moods.

Our road has just begun and there will be more adventures to tell. Want to live them too?

DOT Space Hero OST has been composed by Adán Fernandez and Jacobo Cáceres. These two music genius made possible the completion of the game and DOT Space Hero music bring great feelings to the player.

You can listen the entire OST here:


Thanks to special people that has suported us during the development of the game:

Daniele Giardini, Natalia Figueroa, Isak Martinsson


DOT Space Hero and the DOT Space Hero logo are property of 1Coin ©. 2013.