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DOT Space Hero?
DOT Space Hero is a multi-platform challenging side-scrolling shooter where you take control of DOT, a space kid who haves to face hordes of enemies using his weapons, jetpack and power ups through different worlds of the galaxy in order to recover his beloved stardust.

The game is distributed in 4 worlds. Select a level and a quick countdown will start, after that, action begins and the player will move through the map automatically. Use the jetpack button to evade obstacles and move around the screen, gravity will help you to fall down when you release the jetpack button. Use the fire button to shoot with your weapon against your enemies and meteors in order to get score and prevent to get killed.

The game difficulty will increase with every world. The key of the game is to master how you use jetpack and fire buttons in order to make perfect moves and shots to reach the end of every level. While playing a level you will find some interesting items:

This shiny and tasty thing is the "coin item" of the game. Collect them all to get score and unlockable content.

A power up to increase number of bullets that your weapon can shoot. Limited to 3.

You've been hurt? Grab this item and gain a full heart!

Random special weapon with powerfull effects.
Special Weapon  

You will find it at the end of every level. Break it to get score or a crown.

You will get this item by breaking a special bubble. If you collect all the stardust of a level and get a crown, you will complete the level at 100%

At the end of every world you will fight against a giant boss that will offer a harder challenge. Defeat the boss and you will be able to travel with your spaceship to the next planet in a bonus level that will give you some extra score depending on your flying skills.

But there's more! DOT's adventure is narrated through beautiful illustrations that will make you familiarize with DOT's mission. Join him in his space odissey and recover all the stardust of the galaxy!




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But, who's the captain of this spaceship?

DOT Space Hero has been developed by 1Coin, an indie developer collective formed by Carlos Díaz and Isaac Moreno. These two crazy minds joined their forces via internet to create awesome stuff and share their passion for videogames. They always wanted to do videogames so there was a huge explosion when they met for the first time.

All the music of the game was composed by Adán Fernandez and Jacobo Cáceres.

They also made a little videogame called “HeartBreaker” during a Ludum Dare.

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DOT Space Hero and the DOT Space Hero logo are property of 1Coin ©. 2013.